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zSpace Learning Experiences.

zSpace Inspire

Ideal for 1 to 1 AR/VR learning with a mobile solution.
Hardware Includes
Polarized Tracked Eyewear
Display Tracking System
Learning Content
K-12 Education
Vocational / Trades
Post Secondary
Common Questions

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Who makes the content for zSpace?
In short it's a mix of internal zSpace developers and 3rd party software companies. The one common thread is all learning applications are vetted by zSpace's team of experienced educators to ensure it complies with standards-based instruction principles. At the root of all content for zSpace is a focus on deeper understanding of material, inspired curiosity and enhanced problem-solving skills.
What lesson plans are available?
There are hundreds of lesson plans already pre-built and ready for teachers to implement as is or customize to suit their classroom learning objectives. Feel free to check out what is currently available by visiting the zSpace site.
How will zSpace benefit learning in our school?
It's no secret that AR/VR will play a large role in our everyday lives moving forward. From the surgeon using Virtual Reality to practice medical interventions to the NASA engineer using Augmented Reality as they work on a robotic lander - schools must ensure students have access to the tools they will need in the jobs of tomorrow.

Some common successes we've seen have been implementations focused on increasing student engagement with STEM subjects. Other schools have used zSpace as a safe and effective strategy to build foundational knowledge in vocational type careers while cutting down on physical resource expenditures. All that to say we work hand-in-hand with your key staff to ensure that the final outcome aligns with your primary objectives.
What about student data?
Privacy and data protection should be top of mind when deploying any new educational technology tools in to the classroom. Fortunately, zSpace collects no student data and can even work off-line. zSpace hardware also runs on Windows 10 and can be easily be configured for deployment based on your school's current security strategy and policies for authentication and network use.
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